All you need to know about Mega Ricos


Mega Ricos is one of the world's leading online destination for the Spanish speaking population around the globe. We are a digital magazine that creates relatable content about luxury, products and services.

We are the voice for the Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs from Spain, the United States and throughout all the Latin America.  We cover anything and everything about luxury, business, start-ups, the rich and their wealth, lifestyle, real estate, cars, yachts, aviation, travels, and much more!

Why exposure your brand, product and/or services with us?

  • Because it is affordable, more impactful, and more responsive. You will be able to connect with those “hard to reach”, and you will be more effective at driving traffic and building a prestigious brand.
  • Because we have hundreds of thousands of unique users monthly devouring millions of pages per month and spending more time on each visit to our site.
  • Because we have an enthusiastic, attentive and engaged audience that is growing each day, with the majority of our globe readership based in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, United States, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and the rest of Latin America.
  • And because we constantly target the world's growing millennium Spanish population, plus the growing Spanglish population in USA.

How do I start?

1. Have an edited and ready to publish article? (Solicitar información a [email protected]):

  • Brand, product or services article (check well for misspelling),
  • Links of your website and/or social sites you want to expose,
  • Can send photos (high-quality) and/or 2 videos
  • Remember! we look for high-quality articles about luxury that are tailored specifically to our site,
  • Gives up to 72hrs to upload the post.

2. We can make a quality article for you. (Solicitar información a [email protected]):

  • Information about your brand, product or services that you want to promote,
  • Address (URL's) of the website and/or your social networks that you want to promote,
  • Can send photos (high-quality) and/or 2 videos
  • Once your article is published, you should share it on the social sites of your brand, product and/or services,
  • Will be published between 2-5 days.

REMEMBER! Good content is the KEY to grow your brand, product or services. What is an ideal influence for a luxury services? A natural storyteller and sharer with targeted audience. Your valuable information must be shared with the world in an imaginative way.

Hey Guest bloggers! We are also looking for bloggers who are willing to share their content in our website. We are hundred percent sure that together we could  achieve an alliance which will give great results to our blogs and websites.

To start, contact us at [email protected].